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Dispute Resolution - Delay Analysis

The key to delay analysis is:

  • Accurate as-built data
  • Event identification
  • Presentation of delay analysis in a form that is understandable to lay persons.

DAQS is experienced in investigating and analysing data in a cost-effective manner to prepare accurate as-built data.

DAQS will assist clients in the analysis of event identification to create a sustainable matrix for delay analysis.

Whilst DAQS has significant experience in the use of planning software (PertMaster, PowerProject, SureTrak, P3, TeamPlan, Microsoft Project), the key to any delay analysis is in the high level presentation of the case to provide an overview whilst reframing the trail detailed analysis needed for expert analysis.

DAQS has significant experience in undertaking such delay analysis and in the presentation of overview analysis support by detailed investigations.

Whilst Roy Pickavance will no longer accept appointments as an expert witness, he is prepared to act in an advisor capacity, e.g. he will look at any claim and the information available, and

  • advise on what information gathering is needed,
  • advise on what type of delay analysis is needed and what form of presentation would suit the type of dispute forum (if known),
  • advise on how the information available could be could be cost effectively processed for use (whilst retaining the audit trail),
  • brief the fact finders,
  • examine and comment on the produced delay analysis,
  • brief the report writer, and
  • examine and comment on the report.
In other words, instead of concentrating on the nuts and bolts of fact finding and delay analysis, Roy will advise how it should be done to arrive at a sustainable position.