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Dispute Resolution - Claims Preparation, Management and Negotiation

The essence of effective claims preparation and management, and successful end negotiation, is to be able to establish and then focus on the key issues in dispute, to establish causation and liabilty and to prepare the appropriate documentation.

DAQS interfaces with its clients' staff to enable the facts to be determined as quickly as possible and to utilise and analyse client documentation to develop and support the appropriate level of detail and documentation.

DAQS' skill base and expertise is underpinned by state of the art computer technology and high quality IT support and expertise.

Claims and the defence of claims up to 70 million pounds have been handled by the direction of DAQS and have involved:

  • UK and international based Claims
  • Railway industries both maintenance and new construction
  • General construction including factory complexes, housing office developments and holiday villages
  • Engineering installation such as gas and oil refineries and nuclear installations
  • Subcontract trades including curtain walling, tiling, mechanical, electrical and control Systems