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To get the most out of your electronic data or to undertake a considered investigation of electronic data, you need to know what data you have. Don't you wish that you could print Windows Explorer into a convenient format, together with more information than it shows?

To faciliate such investigation you need:

  • To record a list of electronic files in a format that facilitates and enables you to record further investigation.
  • To provide a catalogue of the files with as much information as you can have.
  • To provide a list of files contained on a CD.
The programmes Filecats Standard and Filecats Professional permit the catalogue of electronic data in different levels of details:

Ease of use

On download the programmes are integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Simply right-hand click on a folder within Explorer and select which level you wish to use.

That's it - No complicated options - No time-wasting set-ups.


The demo versions will catalogue files for up to 7 days.

To download a version please contact us for a demo version to ensure that they work with your computer set-up.

This package is self-sufficient. However, if you wanted to import all of the text of the documents into the spreadsheet, this is a service which DAQS offers. Contact us for more information.