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Phillip Burton BA MA


Phillip is a Computing Consultant providing expert services in the development of computer systems and data analysis. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. He has been certified as a Microsoft Office 2010 Master, a Microsoft Project 2013 Specialist, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for SQL Server 2012, and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Business Intelligence (see certifications).

Phillip has been involved with computing since the advent of personal computers. He is expert in the use, development and programming of spreadsheets, and has specialist expertise in the development and programming of database systems which, apart from being essential to quantum and delay analysis, are suited to non-contentious control and management systems as well as dispute resolution scenarios.

His expertise enables the practice to assist its clients in developing and maintaining up to date and pro-active systems to help control and monitor the day-to-day activities of construction projects as well as retrospective delay analysis.

He has also developed expertise and programmes to catalogue and process and control electronic data, large quantities of paper or electronic data for structured analysis and investigation.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

e-mail: plb@daqs.co.ukCV: Click here to view Phillip's CV