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Project Control - Accounting Support to evaluate and manage business performance

DAQS does not provide pure accountancy services but is able to offer accounting expertise to manage and resolve construction-related issues. The services offered include:

Review of Accounting Systems

  • Carrying out review of suitability of existing accounting software to meet the growing and changing demands of the business
  • Ensuring that accounting information provided is both accurate and relevant to the company's needs
  • Where appropriate, making recommendations regarding alternative software
  • Carrying out cost benefit analysis to ensure that any investment can be justified
  • Managing the implementation of new systems or modifications to current systems to achieve agreed objectives

Investigation of Suspected Fraud and Appraisal of Effectiveness of Control Procedures

  • Carrying out internal controls "health checks" to identify any weaknesses in existing accounting control procedures
  • Where fraud is suspected, conducting initial investigation and interviews to identify scope of irregularities
  • Analysing all relevant data to trace source of fraud and instigate corrective action
  • Presenting conclusions to company and recommending appropriate procedures to improve operational and financial control and minimise risk of any future fraud
  • Managing the implementation of any improved control measures and processes

Improving Business Performance

  • Carrying out initial fact finding exercise/feasibility study of current financial performance measured against best practice in the relevant industry
  • Investigating all areas for possible margin enhancement, improved productivity and elimination of non-value added processes
  • Identifying alternative strategies, agreeing way forward with management and establishing measurable targets for improved performance
  • Introducing practical business planning, profit and cash flow forecasting techniques
  • Establishing appropriate procedures to ensure that the achievement of budgets and forecasts is closely monitored
  • Managing the implementation of any operational changes

Forensic Investigation of Claims

  • Establish correlation between claim and accounting data
  • Investigation of paper and electronic accounting data to separate actual costs from accruals and allowances
  • Investigate accounting procedures to identify audit trails and classes of documents available.